/r/Baseball Trade Deadline – Rumors and Day 1 Recap


The Toast-Dispatch is proud to bring you exclusive coverage of the phenomenon known as the /r/Baseball Trade Deadline!

Lets start off with some rumors and news from around the league.

Hot Stove Rumors

/r/NYYankees is looking to unload notable troll /u/Lakers2416, the Yankee’s GM was quoted as saying “honestly he’s probably the worst person on earth. AND YET he has about 15k total karma. How the hell does he do it? Make an offer and find out.”

Rumor has it he’s a clubhouse cancer, if you want your team to tank down the stretch, pick this guy up.

The Yankees have also put up a free Domino’s Pizza code on the market, but seeing as it IS Domino’s Pizza, there haven’t been many offers.

After being oddly quiet during the first day of trades, /r/Mariners is looking to get on the board, opening trade talks with /r/TexasRangers.

/r/Cardinals unloaded /u/KneeJerkCardsFan on the unsuspecting /r/LetsGoFish yesterday, and despite their desperate cries for mercy, Cardinals GM /u/kuhanluke has coldly declared “no take backs.”

The first day of the /r/Baseball Trade Deadline opened with a fury of trades.  Here’s a review of a few of the biggest trades so far.

Marlins and Dodgers

/r/LetsGoFish sends /u/beefat99 (24K comment karama) to /r/Dodgers for /u/iamoneson (9K).

The Toast’s Take: /r/LetsGoFish (Marlins) kicked off the trades on day one by getting fleeced by /r/Dodgers, swapping a solid 24K user in exchange for a relatively lightweight user.

Trade Winner: /r/Dodgers


Cardinals and Dodgers

/r/Cardinals sends /u/wintremute (88K) and /u/bustysteclair (19K) to /r/Dodgers for /u/ieandrew91 (89K).

The Toast’s Take: /r/Cardinals jumped on the trade board by sending two solid users to /r/Dodgers for /u/ieandrew91, a user infamous for his Post Game Thread Titles.  If /r/Cardinals hopes to get funnier Post Game Thread Titles however, they’ll have to go through Mod /u/Bravo_”Literally John Mozeliak”_Delta.

Trade Winner: /r/Cardinals


Astros and Mets

/r/Astros sends /u/illegal_deagle (173K) to /r/NewYorkMets in exchange for /u/kickthepony (11K) and /u/Rjr18 (12K).

The Toast’s Take: What was /r/Astros thinking?

They sent their biggest asset in /u/illegal_deagle for two young prospects from /r/NewYorkMets. Do they WANT the Angles to win the AL West?

Trade Winner: /r/NewYorkMets


Indians and Dodgers (AKA: The Big One)

/r/WahoosTipi (Indians) sends /u/thedeejus (284K) and prospects to /r/Dodgers for 8 users, including /u/nicklasav (14K), /u/somefatguy30. (985)

The Toast’s Take: /r/Dodgers picks up the biggest karma producer on the market in /u/thedeejus, while unloading a lot of guys on the Indians, /r/WahoosTipi might be painted Dodger Blue before this trade deadline has passed.

Trade Winner: /r/Dodgers




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