World’s Smallest 1TB HD: Losing Your Data Has Never Been Easier



Western Digital has just released the world’s smallest 1 TB hard drive at just 7mm thick, it is the world’s smallest 1 TB Hard Drive… Did we mention it’s small?

“Just think of all the possibilities!” Western Digital’s CEO exclaimed, “You can put it in your pocket and take it with you it’s so small!  You just need to be extra careful not to sit down without first removing the HD from your pocket of course.”

Yes. All these new possibilities… Such as:

  • Your cat can now easily swat your hard drive off your desk and under the bed for safe keeping.
  • You can now lose it behind the couch just like that remote you lost 4 years ago.
  • You can even use it as a coaster!

Now of course the biggest question… Why do I want my data to be stored on a device that is only 7mm thick?

Simple answer: I don’t.

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Barney Miklasz
Barney Miklasz is our site Admin, in his spare time, he enjoys criticizing Ken Hitchcock's line combinations, as well as skydiving off the St. Louis Arch.
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