Soriano Traded To Yankees For Single A Pitcher and iPad2


The Chicago Cubs have pulled off another stunning trade, stunning that they have sent one of their best players to the Yankees, in exchange for a Single A Pitching Prospect, and also an iPad2.

Cubs GM told us “The way the trade went was this, the Yankees wanted Soriano, as everyone knows, we are currently trying to make our team even worse than we already are, by trading away any good players that we do have, for next to nothing… but THIS time, I think the Yankees got the short end of the stick!”

The Cubs GM chuckled and then continued. “We are giving the Yankees Soriano, in exchange for… a single A pitcher! But that’s not all!”

He then flashed a grin that would get most people in a mental institution. “We didn’t stop there, we also demanded that they throw in an iPad2!  In exchange we offered to pay most of Soriano’s $18M contract.”

When one of the reporters pointed out that the deal was a major rip-off, Cubs GM responded, “No one understands my genius!”  He then ran into his office to play with his new iPad.

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