The Winds of Change are Blowing

winds of change

Father Time: “It’s time to win the Cup.”

It seems fitting that on such a windy day in the Midwest, that the St. Louis Blues are on the cusp of a possible big trade or two.  For a certainty, the general fan base is buzzing for change.

The one move, that one missing piece, that propels the Blues past that seemingly inevitable ‘blind date’ with Miss or Mister First Round Exit.

I say ‘blind date’ because, we never know what we are going to get when the playoffs start.  Wait, maybe we do know.

The logical side of the brain, the side that realizes that the check we received in the mail for $195,000 is bogus, that think-tank side says, “Close to a half century of NHL playoff-futility is not to be taken lightly.”

On the other side, the illogical side of the brain, the side that says, “Holy Jumpin’, some dimwit just sent me a $195,000 check…beer’s on me, boys!” That half enters each and every Blues’ playoff season wide-eyed, teeming with hope. A level of optimism and zeal usually only reserved for newly married couples and/or your dog waiting next to the door ready for a potty run.

So, what will we see in this year’s Blues’ playoff run?  Will it be a long marathon; or more like a moving van for the Rams?

As they say, “Only time will tell.”

It just occurred to me, why doesn’t someone just call “time” and ask him?  I am pretty sure I have the number. Yep, got it; here it goes… dialing… (314) 321-2522.

Ok, great, I guess time is too busy to pick up, must be in a meeting.  Of course, I got the obligatory recorded message.

Father Time said, “You need to go to the Traffic Law Counselors” and “5:21 pm” followed by “68 degrees”.  I am pretty sure there are some hidden messages in there somewhere that answer the questions ‘who will be traded’ and ‘how far will the St. Louis Blues go in the playoffs this year’.  That is how time works.  Leaving little clues for us to figure out. Like some cryptic prophesy thingy.

So, the think tank side of my brain says, “Traffic Law Counselors” is symbolic of Reaves coming back from his suspension and laying down the law, clearing up traffic along the boards.

“5:21 pm” is some sort of cryptic Da Vinci Code.

The “5” is alluding to old #5 Barret Jackman, the trade that immediately improved our playoff chances by 100 fold. The “:” is referring to a hilarious video by the Toast Dispatch, entitled “Journey Into Hitch’s Gut”.  (Click here to watch)  The “21” very well could point to the fact that #21 Patrick Berglund will score a pivotal goal in the playoffs this year… off David Backes’ rear end of course.

Finally, the number “68” has, I think, something to do with game number 68, which is a regular season tilt against the Blackhawks at home.  We will have to wait and see on that one…either Tarasenko is maimed for life or maybe, on a more positive note, during the second intermission Patrick Kane announces his retirement and his plans to start a Tibetan Monk hockey league in Colorado…who says there aren’t Tibetan Monks in the Rocky Mountains?

In conclusion, outside, I can still hear the wind chimes chiming.  Hopefully, that is the “Winds of Change” blowing.  The Hockey Gods know the Blues need it!

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Lumpy Rutherford
Lumpy Rutherford is the head writer for the Toast Dispatch. His favorite topics are St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeremy Rutherford and former Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak.