Tom Stillman Unveils Blues new Jerseys


There has been a lot of excitement lately over the Blues rumored new jerseys, fans expected Tom Stillman to put his own special touch on the Blues jerseys.

What fans didn’t expect however, was a monstrosity forged in the depths of hell itself.

“We wanted to return to a more classic look”  Said Tom Stillman, who was attempting to raise his voice over the chorus of boos raining down on him.  “What’s more classic than the Blues trumpet?  And pinstripes!”

When a fan pointed out that these are just the awful 1996 alternate jerseys that were thankfully never worn, Stillman replied, “Ok, you got me, we ran out of time and had to do something!  And it’s better than what our designers came up with in MS Paint!”

The Blues owner then warned fans to “shield their eyes” as he pulled a tarp off the easel next to him, unveiling the concept design.

Blues-Jerseys“We umm… brought back the red.”  Stillman said nervously.

Market experts are predicting a total of two new jerseys will be sold, one to a color-blind fan, and another to Stillman’s mother.

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