Trades the St. Louis Blues Almost Made on Deadline Day

St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong searches for answers as to why he couldn't trade Paajarvi at the NHL Trade Deadline.

St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong searches for answers as to why he couldn’t trade Pääjärvi at the NHL Trade Deadline.

The NHL Trade Deadline has passed, and the St. Louis Blues are the same team as they were before the day started.

While the Chicago Blackhawks prepared for the Playoffs by arming themselves to the teeth, the Blues took a slightly different approach.

“I just couldn’t get any deals done, we’d get close to a deal, then the other GM would back out…  Maybe it was my breath?”

– Doug Armstrong


The Blues felt that they were already in Playoff form, however that didn’t keep Doug Armstrong from attempting a few deals.

Toast Dispatch was able to acquire a list of trades that fell through for the Blues yesterday.  Take a look.

St. Louis Blues send: Pääjärvi + Rattie

Montreal Canadiens send: P.K. Subban + Carey Price

Notes: Montreal’s GM reportedly choked on his poutine, laughing at the offer, and had to be escorted to the Hospital.

St. Louis Blues send: Upshall + 3rd round pick + Pääjärvi

New Jersey Devils send: Cory Schneider

Notes: Armstrong didn’t think the Blues needed another goalie on the roster, but he did want to get Marty Brodeur a friend to hang out with in the Press Box.

St. Louis Blues send: Pääjärvi + Jaskin + 1st round pick

Tampa Bay Lightning send: Jonathan Drouin + warm weather

Notes: Armstrong believed this deal had a lot of promise, however, when Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman pointed out it was physically impossible to transfer the Florida weather to St. Louis, Armstrong’s interest quickly wained.

St. Louis Blues send: Brouwer

Washington Capitals send: T.J. Oshie

Notes: Washington’s GM smartly included a “no take backies” clause to the previous trade last off-season when he first acquired Oshie from St. Louis, rendering this offer useless.

St. Louis Blues send: Pääjärvi

Anyone else sends: A bag of pucks

Notes: The Florida Panthers showed interest, and were ready to proceed, however Armstrong raised the asking price to include a beach front vacation property, the Panthers decided to consider other offers.


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