Washington says: “No lingering effects from game 6”


In his pre-game press conference, Rangers’ manager Ron Washington spoke for the first time since his Game 7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 World Series.

We asked him how it feels returning to the scene of the crime.

“It’s not affecting me.” Washington said. “The memories I had, I dealt with that winter.  They certainly did not leave overnight.”  When asked why he was wearing a straight jacket,  Ron’s reply was: “It is a little bit too warm today to put my straighty on, but my doctor said, under the present circumstances,  I shouldn’t take any chances”

So you are saying that there are still a few lingering aftereffects from game 6?

“I’m not coming up here and letting what happened in 2011 affect my focus for 2013.  It’s obvious.  The Cardinals were the World Champs in 2011.  We were the runner-ups.  They beat us.  We had our chance to win it, we didn’t.  They had their chance to win it, they did.  Move on.”

Does this affect your ability to perform the “Wash” during the game?

“Not at all, I can still jump up and down and act like a nut.  As a matter fact I think, if anything, my team straight jacket helps me to take the “Wash” to another level.”

Washington then paused, took off his glasses, and pretended to cry.

“I’m through crying,” he said, laughing – manically for 2 minutes straight.

The press conference ended in a awkward silence as Mr. Washington was carried out horizontally by two Cardinal security guards.

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