Westbrook Lashes Out At Matheny


Jake Westbrook, after being informed by Manager Mike Matheny, that he would be going on the 15-day disabled list, was promptly laid onto a stretcher and was about to be carted off to Barnes Jewish Hospital when Westbrook inexplicably launched a baseball at the Managers head.

Immediately after throwing the ball, Westbrook could be heard telling the paramedics that his lower back felt really tight.

Matheny was asked if he was physically injured by Jake’s attack?

“I really did not realize he had thrown the ball at me until I felt something gently tap me on the back of my head.  I thought it was a pillow or something, then I realized it was the Jakester throwing his heater at me and it was at that very moment that I knew I had made the right decision”

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Lumpy Rutherford
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