What Can We Realistically Get For Halak?


This Article was originally written last July 2013…

What can we realistically get back for Halak in a trade?

1.) Dion Phaneuf?

2.) Tyler Seguin?

3.) Ryan Miller?

4.) A stale bag of unsalted peanuts, drenched in beer from last nights poker game lightly seasoned with soy sauce, dipped into a chain smokers ash tray topped with moldy cheese puffs wrapped in a hot dog bun, baked at 500 degrees for two hours stored in the freezer for 1 year, removed and thawed out in the nose bleed section of the mens restroom at the Scott Trade Center during a Motley Crue concert…then scrapped off the shoes of said fans and dropped into a blender on high and poured into the empty shell of a dead box turtle with two parasol drinking straws for you and who ever thought that JaroSLOB Halack would ever amount to more than anything other than….”an average to slightly above average backup goalie in the NHL”.

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: Turns out the answer was Ryan Miller…but I am pretty sure Buffalo’s GM had Armstrong throw in the the above image.


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