What Google Glass Will REALLY Be Like


You may have heard of a project currently in beta testing from Google, it’s creatively called “Google Glass”.

Google Glass is a pair of glasses that you wear, using augmented reality to add displays to your vision, such as time, date, weather, and so on.

It also takes voice commands for things such as “take a photo”, “record a video” or “text so-and-so”.

This sounds very much like a smartphone. except for the fact you will have paid far more for it (the beta testing versions were sold to testers for 1.5K each.) and will look very silly talking to yourself in public.

Here is a example conversation of a Google Glass beta tester showing off his new glasses to a friend:

Beta Tester: “Hey check out my Google Glasses!”

Friend: “Wow that’s pretty cool! so what can they do?”

Beta Tester: “I can take a photo! watch this!”…”Ok Glass. Take A Photo” *shutter click*

Friend: “Ok… so what else can you do?”

Beta Tester: “Oh lots of stuff, it can tell me when my flight is!”

Friend: “But you’ve never been on a airplane, your scared of them, remember?”

Beta Tester: “…” “well it can text people with voice commands!”

Friend: “Doesn’t your iPhone and Android already do that? how much did they cost anyway?”

Beta Tester: “1.5K… and my soul… But I got a $50 rebate!”

And there you have it! the worst part about Google Glass though… is what will you do if you need to wear REAL glasses? or even sunglasses? what happens if you walk into the rain with them? death by electronic glasses?

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