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Do you enjoy writing funny stories?  How about making funny images or GIFs?  Well if so you’re in luck!

We are looking for St. Louis sports fans who want to write funny articles to be published here on the Toast Dispatch.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to apply to join our writers staff:

  • Articles must be clean and appropriate for all ages.
  • Feel free to make a funny picture / GIF / video  to go along with your article!
  • Credit for writing a article will always go to the Author.  Ie: you.
  • Remember, we are a parody website, so your stories can be crazy!
  • There is no money involved.  We’re not making money here, just passionate fans.

To apply to join the Toast Dispatch, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and write an article that will make us laugh.  If we like your article we will email you back, get you signed up to write, and publish the article you sent us!

We sure hope we can get some new writers soon, our deal with the St. Louis Zoo just fell through, and we had to return all the gorillas and chimpanzees that have been doing most of the writing around here for the past few weeks…

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Barney Miklasz
Barney Miklasz is our site Admin, in his spare time, he enjoys criticizing Ken Hitchcock's line combinations, as well as skydiving off the St. Louis Arch.