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April 18, 2017

Now with 100% more sensible lineups than the Ken Hitchcock edition!


mlb fans blindfold

MLB fans to wear blindfolds in protest of ‘escalating crappy calls’ from Umpires

August 19, 2017

Saturday afternoon, the MLB umpires union announced umpires around the league will wear white wristbands to protest an increase in verbal abuse from players around the league. The protest comes…
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Emotional Rams fans plead to NFL: “Take our money!”

October 31, 2015

In a high society venue known for its theater, music and entertainment, the hoi polloi Rams fans put on quite a show Tuesday evening at the Peabody Opera House. This…
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Hockey Night in St. Louis S3 – E1: Un-Cursing Fabbri and Season Preview

October 4, 2017

It’s a brand new Blues season and we kick it off with @FabbrisCurse joining us, better known as that guy on Twitter who ruined Fabbri’s career by touching the Cup. …
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